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Necktie (Two Side)

Father s Day Tie By Jessica Navarro Front
Father s Day Tie By Jessica Navarro Back

Father's Day Tie

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Created :3938 days ago
I did the collage in Photoshop and then tried to import it but it didnt' work very well. Next time I might just try using Silverlight. It turned out really cute, though! My husband loves it!

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1. Posted by Jessica Navarro

Jessica Navarro
Ann, I know, it took me a while to figure it out, but then I was embarrassed because it's so easy! =) You say you've already made one side of your tie. If you want the other side to be exactly the same, you click on the side of the tie that you've already done. Make sure it hasn't selected one specific picture, you just want the whole thing selected so that it's got a purple line arond the outside of the tie. Then click Control C to copy, click on the other side of the tie so that it has a purple line around it, and click Control V to paste.

*NOTE* In order to select the whole tie and note just a picture, you have to click somewhere on the background. If you have pictures covering every single part of the tie, I think you're going to have a hard time getting that to work. The easiest way to get around it will be to move one of your pictures over just a little bit until you can see some of the white underneath showing, then click in that white space so it'll let you select the whole thing and you can copy and paste. Then go back on each side of your tie and move that picture back into the right spot again to cover up all of the white. That should work great for you! If you have any other questions, just let me know. =)

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2. Posted by ann

You mention that you can copy and paste one side to the other, do you mean in Artscow? If so, can you tell me how. I can only select one photo and when I paste it, it beccomes very small and I have to resize it. I have done the front and would like to copy it to the back of the tie. many thanks.

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3. Posted by Jessica Navarro

Jessica Navarro
Hi Roberta, I think your umbrella will print fine if you didn't notice anything while making it. I think my problem had to do with the unusual size of the image I was using. I made my Photoshop document 57"x4", which is what ArtsCow says is the measurements of the tie, and made a rough outline for myself of the shape of a tie so I'd know where to put the pictures. I saved that as a jpeg and imported it to AC but when I tried to drop it onto the tie it was HORRIBLY blurry looking! I tried just dragging it over and also clicking the "add layout" button and making it the size of the tie but it was the same both ways. I don't know if it would've looked blurry like that when it printed, but I wasn't willing to take the risk.

The way I finally got it to work is by breaking the tie up into 5 pieces that were each 8 inches wide and 10 inches high. (For some reason it wasn't working when it was so narrow compared to how high it was) Then I had to piece them together in Silverlight and it was hard to do since you can't zoom in really close.

The finished product turned out great, though. Even the way I did it there were still a few parts where it looked kind of blurry on ArtsCow but it printed much clearer. I also can't see the seams at all on the finished tie from where I put the pieces together. I think there's a good chance it would've printed fine the way I did it at first with just one big piece even though it looked blurry.

One of the biggest reasons I chose to do it in Photoshop originally is because I didn't realize you could use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy one side to the other. I thought I'd have to create the whole collage twice to make both sides the same. =) I was brand new then. =)

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4. Posted by Roberta D'Achille

Roberta D Achille
I think it looks great from the preview. What didn't you like about creating it in PS and importing it. I'm curious as I just did the same thing for an umbrella that I haven't received yet and I'm hoping that it turns out OK...

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