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Mini Canvas 4" x 4" (Stretched)


Create & Buy a Custom Product of Your Own!

Creating your own custom products is easy now.

Mini photo canvas (stretched) is an extremely fine way to display your digital photo with any custom design on wall or small decorative shelf. Your photo will be high-quality printed on the cotton canvas, and then we carefully hand stretch over a strong anti-warping stretcher (wooden frame) by our specialized staff that will last forever. Please note this is a waterproof canvas.

  • The mini canvas measures 4"(L) x 4"(W) x 3/4" (H) inches
  • Top quality heavy weight waterproof cotton canvas
  • Unique way to print your favorite photo on canvas
  • With our professional gallery wrap, you can hang the stretched canvas on the wall directly, no mounting or framing is required.
  • Wall mount included
  • Fade Resistant UV Archival Inks

Ideal image size in pixels (W * H) :
Stretched Canvas(Center) : 1800x1800 or Higher

Need more design ideas? See here: mini canvas 4 x stretched, mini canvas 4 x, mini canvas 4, mini canvas, mini, canvas, 4, x, stretched

Design Templates

flower kids

Love Pink Mini Canvas 4x4


flower kids


Love Red Mini Canvas 4x4

mothers day

Can't find  what you are  looking for? Create your own  Mini Canvas 4
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81. Posted by Marika Smith

Marika Smith
We loved our stretched canvases - they look amazing on the wall! Great deal, great quality!

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82. Posted by Julie

I have ordered stretched canvases from Artscow a few different times now because I like them so much. When they're on sale, I haven't found a better price and they are good quality. The picture is clear and good color, and the wood frame is sturdy. I also like how they look without an additional frame, right on the wall, and have made a collage of them. Because it says not to get them wet because they could bleed, I sprayed mine with a moisture-resistant sealer that protects against UV rays. (I used Krylon UV-Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating.) I'm no expert, but I think it will help them last a long time. Delivery was probably 2-3 weeks, or about as expected.

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83. Posted by pwang

I bought two to decorate dining room. good color. My picture were portrait, not landscape, so I have to rotate it in my picture viewer first before uploading to artscow so it will fit it in the landscape canvas. Also artscow gave me warning of my pictures too low in resolution. Turned out I had wrong setting in my camera. This warning is good so I will not spend all my money to get a blury canvas. I retake picture with higher resolution and they came out great on canvas.

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84. Posted by DeAnne Csada

DeAnne Csada
My 4 year old LOVES the farm and I was struggling to find decorations for his room. So I took a bunch of pictures of him and his Papa at the farm and then ordered a bunch of 8x8 canvas. For the price, I assumed I would be getting what I paid for but its the exact opposite. The canvas quality is wonderful and the price can't be beat!! I have received tons of compliments. Artscow always produces quality products at very reasonable prices! Thank you!!

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85. Posted by aharon smith

aharon smith
shipped good and on time but the canvas has pumps witch ruin the guality

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86. Posted by Amanda Wolfe

Amanda Wolfe
I love Canvas prints. I ordered an 11x14 collage as a going away gift for my husbands commander, and it came out perfect! The canvas printing quality is great! I've used for a few items, and so far I've only had one disappointment and they reprinted ASAP.

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87. Posted by 01buckler15

I got 3 16x20 stretched canvases and I love them! The picture quality is wonderful and every one seams to love them as well. I will be getting more in different sizes soon I'm sure.

Is this review helpful?
88. Posted by dianne

I've ordered several of these, and recently got two for my daughter and her husband. One was to be for her husband's mom and dad, however, when they received them, her husband wanted to keep both of them. These are beautiful. I have two of them and I really love them. I didn't frame them because I like them on the wall without the frame. I don't feel the delivery time is that long. I think it is quick considering where they are coming from. I love this place, it's so much fun designing so many wonderful photo gifts.

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89. Posted by
These are very cute, and good quality. They are exactly what I expected, I plan to order more in different sizes for my little photo wall.

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90. Posted by DeniseAck

Tips for stretched canvas:
When making a stretched canvas, realize that the grey "bleed" area is the part wrapped around the side and back of the wooden stretcher bars. On my stretched canvas, the wood is 0.75" thick. Therefore, you'll need to add an extra 1.5" to the dimensions to have your original image be what you see. ie: 12x18 needs 13.5"x19.5". If you just enlarge your image to fill the bleed area, you may cut off part of your image, and your image will be that much larger in the viewable area. It would be even better to add a whole inch on each side so if the canvas moves in the machine a bit, you don't get a white edge.

If you have a program like Photoshop Elements, etc., you can make a new canvas the larger size, copy in your image layer and either mirror the perimeter which will get folded over or clone stamp to fill in the foldover area.

1--Lighten up your image before uploading it to AC. Your computer monitor is backlit, so the image will look much darker printed. I'm not positive if this happens with their prints, but canvases and photo books print darker.

2---Find out what ratio your original image is. Digital cameras are either set for 4x6 (2:3) or 4 x 5.333 (3:4). Divide the larger pixel dimension by the smaller (found in the details section of the image on your computer). If it's 1.5, you are set to 2:3, if it's 1.333, you are set to 3:4. When you choose your canvas size, your ratio comes into play. If you have 2:3 and you choose an 8x10 canvas, you'll have 2 inches worth of image wrap around the back (on the long side) and you won't be filling the bleed area on the short side (it will be white if printed). You can build up the dimensions in an outside program. Remember that about 0.75 inch on each side will be wrapped around (make your built-up border be 1 inch, not just 0.75") If you have 2:3 and you want a 12x18 canvas, the image will fit perfectly on the FRONT, but the sides will be white unless you build them up.

3--I'm not sure if other sizes have thicker stretcher bars. Find out first to figure out your proper size needed!

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