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“Welcome to the FBA Reseller Program online tutorial.”
This tutorial will guide FBA Resellers through the different exhilarating stages of designing your own clothing line on ArtsNow and prepping your products for sell on Amazon
Set Up Seller Account  

1. Open a free Reseller store on ArtsNow

+ Register a Designer Store on ArtsNow. Email us at, citing your UserID and Store Name.
Our customer representative will assist you to upgrade your store to the Reseller plan, free for the first 24 months.
+ The Reseller plan will grant you full access to our customizable apparel line, one-stop drop shipping service and competitive reseller discounts.
+ To create a store, first Login > Go to All Store > Create New Store. It is recommended that you use your official fashion brand name under the Store Name option.

2. Register a Professional Seller account on Amazon

+ To list clothing items on Amazon, you must register a Professional Seller account for a monthly fee of $39.99. It entitles you to sell to 50+ million Amazon Prime Members and have your products featured on the top of Amazon’s product detail pages.
+ Consider the fee a small investment with huge dividends. Exposing your products to millions of new customers and building brand loyalty to boost sales, sound like a good trade don’t it?

3. Host a running website

+ During the seller account registration stage, Amazon will require the seller to provide evidence of a valid website that sells the products they wish to list on Amazon marketplace directly. We can facilitate by hosting a fashion website nested under your own domain name - free of charge.
+ Please email us the following details at A) Your official brand name (domain name, i.e. B) Your brand logo (in AI format - outlined version). This logo will appear on the packaging and clothing tags of your products.
We will set up your website within 24 hours, and send you the URL link via email. Use this new website URL link to complete your account registration on Amazon.

Design Your Own Apparel Line  

4. Pick apparel items to upload designs

+ Your design is sexy and you know it. Now you got over 60+ apparel styles to apply them on. From formal dresses to mini skirts, t-shirts to crop tops, leggings to sports gear and swimsuits. For a full list of our apparel line and its reseller prices, please click here.
+ Pick an apparel that accentuates your bespoke design. Upload the graphic file (jpg or png) > Review Product > Publish & Earn > Edit Product Name > Voilà, your DIY apparel is ready.

+ Give your product a smart name that is catchy and relevant. Aim for keywords that shoppers will likely search on Amazon search term. This could potentially drive more buyers to your products, i.e. “Long Sleeve Floral Sleeveless Dress”, “Red Polka Dot Mini Skirt”.

5. Customize with easy-to-use design software

+ Personalize your apparel for an ultimate All Over Print WOW factor. Choose between two user-friendly design software, Advanced Silverlight or Ajax Designer. Refer below for a step-by-step image guide on how to master these software.
+ Ajax Designer: For simple, hassle-free upload of ready-to-go graphics. Add your design to specific parts of the clothing, position the image. Review product > Publish & Earn, done.

6. Design a Brand Logo for custom packaging

+ You need physical stocks and professional product packaging to sell on Amazon. As part of our value-added service, you can sell your apparel with custom embroidered clothing labels and packaging materials under your own brand name.
+ Come up with an awesome brand logo, email us the AI file (in outlined version) at We will manufacture some samples for you to review. The photo below shows how your products will look like in real-life.

List & Sell Your Products  

7. Prepare product listings on ArtsNow

+ Our system is programmed to seamlessly sync up with Amazon’s inventory-management software and API system, allowing you to mass upload your product listings with efficiency.
+ Once your apparels are ready to go, prepare the final product listings you want to upload to Amazon. Go to All Stores > Product List > Check the product(s) you wish to sell > select Amazon Clothing Listing Loader > review to ensure the correct ones are picked, hit Confirm.
+ Download a Zip Txt File as instructed (See #8 for more). The file provides a detailed overview that catalogs every product you wish to sell on Amazon.

8. Set selling price for your apparel

+ After outputting a Zip Txt File, you can see for each of your apparel design, all 7 available sizes are cataloged respectively, with a default price, i.e. Bodycon Skirt, XS to 3XL, set at $19.99.
+ Only update the Price. Adjust the price for each item at your discretion depending on how confident you think they will sell. The default price is preset to cover the estimated handling fee Amazon will charge its merchants per each product sold. Hit Save once finished.

9. List your product offerings on Amazon

+ Login to your seller account via Amazon Seller Central. Under Inventory > Add Products via Upload > Open your Txt File > Upload. Wait for at least 30 minutes for data to synchronize. Once approved by Amazon, your products will be searchable instantly.

10. Change your product listings to FBA

+ Let Amazon pack and deliver your products to customers directly. To activate this process, first you need to convert all your product listings from FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) to FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). See video below for instructions.

11. Place order for your end-products on ArtsNow

+ Upon successful FBM conversion, Amazon will generate a unique FNSKU number for every item from your listings. Copy and paste the SKU numbers directly to our FBA Sku Map option found under your ArtsNow account.
+First go to Amazon Seller Central > Reports > Amazon Fulfilled Inventory > Download most recent data report > Copy ALL info > Paste them into FBA Sku Map > Import. See below video for more instructions.
+ When your stocks are running low on Amazon, repeat the above steps to place a new order for the products you wish to replenish. Confirm the quantity of each product and its respective size.

12. Provide FNSKU labels to confirm shipping address

+ Amazon will assign a FNSKU label for every item in your listing. The label is like Amazon’s own version of a barcode, which it uses to scan and pick up your products at their facility. Please provide ArtsNow with these labels as they contain the pre-appointed Amazon’s fulfillment center address for which we will drop ship your merchandises to directly.
+ The FNSKU label can be downloaded on Amazon in a PDF file. Email us the file at, citing your ArtsNow userID. ArtsNow will print out the labels and attach them individually on the product package before shipping them off to Amazon. See below video for more instructions.
+ You can locate the labels under your seller account in Amazon Seller Central > Inventory > Manage FBA Inventory. Check the item(s) you wish to retrieve the FNSKU label.

One-stop Logistics Support  

13. ArtsNow produces, packages and ships your products

+ Our factory can manufacture up to 800+ clothing items per day. We will deck out your products with custom clothing labels nested under your brand logo and branded packaging bags.
+ Depending on your order quantity, your apparel will be ready for shipment and be transported to Amazon’s Fulfillment Center for stock keeping in approximately 12-14 working days.

14. Amazon delivers your goods to customer directly

+ The single best perk of selling with FBA is that a seller is no longer responsible for shipping out the merchandise themselves. Instead, sellers are notified when customers place an order on Amazon. Using their advanced web-to-warehouse sorting system, Amazon picks up your goods. packs and delivers them to the customers.

15. Free 2-Day Shipping on all FBA listings

+ By listing your products with FBA, all your items will be eligible for 2-Day Free Shipping to 50 million Amazon Prime members residing in the U.S.

16. Change your product listings to FBA

+ All customer inquiries regarding the products you sell on Amazon, including order tracking, product returns and refunds are managed by Amazon’s customer service representatives 24/7.
+ Between ArtsNow and Amazon, we do all the heavy lifting for FBA resellers, from production, packaging, drop-shipping, stock keeping to processing customer orders., product delivery, and returns & refund support. Granting you more free time to focus on designing beautiful clothes.

17. View your sales report on Amazon

+ Use the Seller Central website to manage all aspects of selling on Amazon. The website allows you to manage your selling account, view sales earning, add product information, make inventory updates, and manage payments.

Important Selling Tips  

18. Bestselling apparel to list

+ Give the customer what they want. Based on the most-reviewed items under Amazon’s Clothing department the statistics and our very own pilot project to test sell DIY apparels on Amazon, the reigning fashion products you can consider include,
# Tees (Short & Long sleeve)
# Sportswear (Sports Bra, Yoga pants)
# Dresses (Maxi, Skater, Bodycon)
# Leggings
# Skirts
# Hoodies

19. Popular clothing sizes to sell

+ No surprise here, sizes matter big time. The top 3 sizes shoppers usually go for on Amazon are, S - M - L. Plus size clothing is fast-becoming a profitable market for many fashion marketplace, and ArtsNow proudly offers all international sizes running from XS to 3XL.

20. Inventory control

+ To minimize the FBA Fulfillment fees charged by Amazon for its merchants. For each apparel design, it’s recommended that you first order 2-3 pieces of that specific merchandise in different sizes. This way when someone orders them on Amazon, you will have sufficient stock for each size to complete the sell. Say you created a Slogan Tee, you should consider ordering for all 7 sizes (XS - 3XL - one for each size), with a few extra pieces for the more popular sizes.
+ Depending on how well your products sell individually, when you replenish your stock next time, increase the quantity of the size(s) that consistently outsell than the others.

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