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ArtsCow > PhotoSculpture Guide

    Guide to creating a Photo Sculpture

    1) Enter PhotoSculpture Designer by clicking on [Create It]
    2) Click on [My Heads & Shapes] via [GoTo] button (top right hand corner)
    3) Upload a photo to create a new shape and click [Select]
    4) Drag dots to line up with the desired outline of your image

  • Blue: Anchor points
  • Yellow: Start and End points

    5) Keep the bottom of the sculpture straight for it to be mounted
    6) For gaps and spaces in your photos, right click to add new cutout shapes
    7) Save the cutout and go back to PhotoSculpture Designer; your outline will be saved in the [Created] folder
    8) Add your photo to the canvas and adjust the size, then find the corresponding border in the [User_Created] folder
    9) Fit the border to the image accordingly and add any text or additional layouts WITHIN the border
    10) Preview and add to cart
    - Add additional anchor points by mousing over the line and clicking on the black dot that appears
    - Double click to delete an anchor point
    - Zoom in/out, rotate and preview the cutout by using the toolbar
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