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Create Your Own Designer Kit

To provide you with a new way to make the most out of your creativity, is proud to introduce the new Designer Kit system which offers a one-stop platform for both kit designers and photo book buyers.

Benefits for Kit Designers

We all have exciting creative ideas from time to time. With the new Designer Kit system, you can create design elements and ready-to-use scrapbook pages, and sell them to our photo book buyers for their photo book design. Below are 7 great benefits you can enjoy:

  • You set the prices
  • You get 70% of sales revenue
  • You receive profits twice a month through PayPal
  • No charge for kits you sell for free
  • No credit card charges
  • No hosting fees
  • No marketing fees

Benefits for Photo Book Buyers

The Designer Kit system makes the process of creating a photo book faster and easier. With the ready-to-use designer kits, you can now create a photo book in just 5 minutes! Everything can be done online and no downloading is needed.

How do I create a Upload the Embellishment

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How do I create a kit?

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